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Housing Navigation and Landlord Incentive Program

Since 2019, Orange County United Way’s WelcomeHomeOC℠ program has helped over 1,000 OC individuals experiencing homelessness find a place to call home. The program connects individuals and families holding housing vouchers with available rental units. It covers moving expenses, security deposits, basic furnishings and supportive services to assist newly housed residents stay in their homes as well as resources and other benefits for the property providers.

Nationally recognized for its success and innovation, WelcomeHomeOC is the first housing navigation and landlord incentive program tailored to Orange County property providers as well as eligible families, Veterans, young adults, and seniors in need of permanent housing.

If you are a local property provider looking to get involved, learn about the WelcomeHomeOC Property Provider Network.

If you are looking for housing or financial assistance, visit our Get Help page or call 2-1-1.

WelcomeHomeOC by the Numbers*

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Last updated May 29, 2024

Day's Story, WelcomeHomeOC program beneficiary

“I think I would still be living in a car right now without United Way.” – Day, Army Veteran
Army veteran Day returned from deployment in 2012 and was diagnosed with PTSD. Even working 60-hour weeks and two jobs, she couldn’t build enough savings for move-in cost plus rent. Day became homeless and was living in a borrowed car. Her situation seemed hopeless. But then our WelcomeHomeOC program helped her find an apartment where she could use her housing voucher.

Ernie Schroeder, WelcomeHomeOC property owner

President of Schroeder Investment Partners, Inc.

“This program is a win-win for everyone involved. It provides sound business benefits to property owners while at the same time, a rewarding opportunity to better the community by helping end homelessness in Orange County.”
Each of us can play a part in solving homelessness in our community—whether we volunteer, donate, or advocate for our homeless neighbors. Not only did Ernie Schroeder step up to the challenge, but he has gone above and beyond by helping nearly 100 Orange County households who were experiencing homelessness find permanent housing thanks to the apartment units he submitted to Orange County United Way’s WelcomeHomeOC housing navigation program.