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The Challenge


Homelessness in Orange County has grown to crisis proportions.

Thousands of our neighbors have lost hope on the streets. Veterans who fought for our freedom are now fighting for a place to call home. People with disabilities, our community’s most vulnerable, too often finding themselves chronically homeless.

That’s why Orange County United Way and its partners in the business, philanthropic, faith-based, non-profit and government sectors launched United to End Homelessness. The goal of this collaborative effort is simple: end homelessness in Orange County in a humane and dignified way by providing long-term housing with supportive care to those who need it the most.

Unless we, as a community, come together now to find real and lasting solutions, this crisis will spiral out of control.

Cost Study

Supportive Housing or Permanent Supportive Housing, was one of the key recommendations in the ground-breaking 2017 UC Irvine Homelessness Cost Study. Sponsored by Orange County United Way and Jamboree, the study found that providing long-term housing with supportive care, a solution proven effective elsewhere in the country, was also the most taxpayer friendly, among other eye-opening facts.

Did you know?

Orange County’s Top 3 Causes of Homelessness

Source: 2017 UC Irvine Homelessness Cost Study
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Inability to secure or retain a job with sustainable wages
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Housing Costs

Inability to meet the rising financial burdens for housing
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Family Issues

Domestic violence, family dysfunction, relationship dissolution or death of a family member

In many cases, more than one of those factors is at play. The longer people experiencing homelessness stay on the streets, the more likely they are to develop debilitating or disabling conditions or addictions that lead to chronic situations. It’s imperative that we have a system of care that can get these individuals housed as quickly as possible.

Thousands of Orange County residents have signed the petition since we launched in February 2018. Sign our petition today!