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Housing Champions

United to End Homelessness, empowered by Orange County United Way, is a powerful collaboration between Orange County’s top business, philanthropic, governmental, faith-based, and non-profit leaders. We are working together to create long-term supportive housing for those most in need in order to end homelessness in Orange County.

A key component of United to End Homelessness is the Housing Champions Advocacy Network, which is a network of advocates who fight for affordable and permanent supportive homes as best practice solutions that are needed in our community.

How Are Housing Champions Making a Difference?

Housing Champions are volunteer citizen advocates in cities across Orange County proactively engaging with their elected and appointed leaders to ensure that every community is doing its best to develop more affordable and permanent supportive housing for all. Housing Champions live, work, worship, send their children to school, and shop in the communities in which they advocate for housing solutions for homelessness. They provide a consistent, clear, positive voice and support for local elected officials to make courageous decisions greenlighting more of these homes in their communities.

What is the Housing Champions’ Mission?

To change the perceptions of permanent supportive housing and affordable homes among local policymakers and residents, and proactively provide, through city-based citizen advocates, support for fast-tracking approval of more homes for all.

What is the Housing Champions’ Vision?

Orange County is a place where the vital conditions of well-being are available through the provision of affordable and permanent supportive homes for all residents.

Housing Champions Training Classes

The Housing Champions Advocacy Network acts by identifying, training, mobilizing, and activating local citizen Housing Champion advocates in every city in Orange County. We do this via our Housing Champions Advocacy 101 training sessions. These sessions are led by Tim Shaw, former Executive Director of the Orange County Homeless Issues Task Force.

Our training classes teach you:

How to avoid shouting matches and instead find and join with like-minded people to engage in positive action

The difference between project-, policy-, and issue-based advocacy, and how to organize around each.

The housing development process and how you can help move it toward approval.

How to find the information you need to be an effective voice for more supportive and affordable housing in your community.

Training Sessions Calendar

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Advocacy 101 Training FAQs

Do you have a question about homelessness, affordable and supportive housing, local government’s role, or advocacy strategizing/messaging? Please review our FAQ where your question may have already been addressed.

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