Empowered By Orange County United Way

Urgent Need to Find Rental Units in OC

Together, we have the opportunity to help end homelessness for hundreds of our residents, but we need your help. Our United to End Homelessness℠ team is working diligently to secure rental units. We must house these families and individuals promptly before their housing vouchers expire. Whether you are a property owner or a caring community member, you can help us make a difference by simply connecting us with a vacant unit.

Property Owners: Do You Have Rental Units Available in OC?

Take advantage of valuable incentives and assurances by housing OC residents today.

Residents are waiting to be housed through our landlord incentive program, WelcomeHomeOC℠. Will you help Orange County seize this opportunity to help our neighbors? It is good for your business and good for our community!

Community Members: Simple Actions You Can Take to Help

You don’t need to own property to help! All you need is the desire to join our search for rental units. Will you help us?