Empowered By Orange County United Way

Petition to End Homelessness

We, the undersigned, agree that…

  • Every man, woman and child in Orange County should be treated with dignity and respect, including those experiencing homelessness.
  • Everyone experiencing homelessness has a unique background, life story, and circumstances that led them into their current circumstances.
  • We are willing to have our own preconceptions about homelessness challenged and reframed in our effort to seek real and lasting solutions.
  • Those in our community suffering from debilitating and disabling conditions who are chronically homeless should be provided with housing and all necessary support.
  • We must work together to solve homelessness; no one entity, including government, can do it alone. It will take all of us working together to #endHomelessnessOC.

Therefore, be it resolved that…

As a citizen of Orange County, I will do everything I can to ensure that integrated and sustainable solutions are implemented for my neighbors experiencing homelessness and, together, we can #endHomelessnessOC.