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WelcomeHomeOC is a landlord incentive program that provides financial incentives such as double security deposits, sign-on bonus, holding fees, and other assurances for landlords who rent units in Orange County to individuals, Veterans, and families with a housing voucher.

The program is a joint effort between the United to End Homelessness initiative, Orange County United Way, Public Housing Authorities, and rental property owners to reduce the time involved in the search for housing by increasing the availability of rental units.


A Proven Program

Property Owner Incentives

Here's How It Works


Property owners submit unit availability to WelcomeHomeOC.



WelcomeHomeOC matches voucher holder with unit and submits application to property owner for review and approval.


WelcomeHomeOC provides holding fee, application fee, and a double security deposit to property owner. Simultaneously, supportive services and new furniture are provided to the program resident.


Property owner receives rent directly from Public Housing Authority + a portion of the rent from program resident.

Are you a rental property owner? We encourage you to attend one of our monthly workshops to learn about the WelcomeHomeOC program and the business benefits available to you. Hear from other property owners who have participated in our pilot program, meet the team behind the effort and ask any questions you might have.

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