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Most Influential 2018: Meet the Top 100 Influencers of 2018 in Orange County

Orange County is loaded with influencers, from people who are determined to end homelessness to billionaire philanthropists and perhaps the best two-way baseball player since Babe Ruth. The Orange County Register again has selected the 100 Most Influential People in Orange County, and some of the choices will be exactly who you’d expect. Others, however, will surprise and maybe even delight.

And, yes, we know there are many incredibly influential people who did not make the list for 2018. It’s not that they suddenly lost influence or did anything wrong. We try to spotlight people who help us understand the year and we try to mix in new faces. Let’s put it this way: Mike Trout has been influential every year for the Angels, but this time he did not make the list. Shohei Ohtani, however, did.

So did some people you never have heard of but who will fascinate you with the ways they influence Orange County, including amazing kids, members of the military and educators.

Sue Parks The president and CEO of United Way Orange County led the charege for the United to End HOmeless ness efort, including securing the support and time of leaders form the business world, community groups and faight organizations. She spearheaded the effort less tan a year after she was selected for her United Way position.

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