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Steven Gallian, QIP Management, WelcomeHomeOC property owner

WelcomeHomeOC℠ Property Owner Gains Peace of Mind While Helping Others

Steven Gallian considers the longevity of his tenants as the best measuring stick for how happy someone is in their home. It is also how he measures his performance as a property manager for QIP Management, the family business where he has worked for the past 6 years.

Reflecting on his track record with those he has rented to through WelcomeHomeOC, Orange County United Way’s housing navigation program that matches property owners with qualified renters who have vouchers, he is confident in his efforts.

“I take pride in how long we keep our tenants. The people we have met through WelcomeHomeOC have been some of our best tenants and those who extend their leases swiftly,” said Steven.

WelcomeHomeOC has developed a landlord incentive program that provides financial incentives such as double security deposits, sign-on bonus, holding fees, and other assurances for landlords who rent units in Orange County to individuals, veterans, and families with a housing voucher. The program is a joint effort between the United to End Homelessness℠ initiative, Orange County United Way, Public Housing Authorities, and rental property owners to reduce the time involved in the search for housing by increasing the availability of rental units.

“WelcomeHomeOC solves so many of the challenges property owners and managers can face,” he added. “The financial assurances that cover downtime during the application process mitigates the vacancy rate you often experience when seeking new tenants. With this program, I know I’ll receive rent throughout the application and screening process, which is invaluable.”

The incentives have helped Steven meet his overall business needs while also providing housing to families and individuals most in need.

“This program gives me peace of mind knowing we are helping to provide a roof over someone’s head. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

QIP Management has been a member of WelcomeHomeOC’s property provider network for more than two years, with a growing number of units being added to the program this year. Steven was surprised at how effortless joining the network and submitting housing units has been thanks to the efforts of the team.

“As soon as I submitted the initial paperwork via email, I was quickly receiving detailed information on opportunities to fill available units and rent ranges,” said Steven. “The team handles so many details, from applications to support services during tenancy. They support tenants and owners in a way that makes the partnership a success from day one.”

Steven is an advocate for joining the WelcomeHomeOC Property Provider Network, and often touts its benefits to his peers.

“We are in a unique position to help the community in need with the support of the WelcomeHomeOC program. Shouldn’t everyone be safe and comfortable? I want to provide a nice, clean place for someone to live and make memories – to help them find their home.”